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The Palm Beach Area, Florida, chapter of American Mensa, Ltd. (group 10-334)
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Last updated Monday, January 25, 2016

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Palm Beach Area Mensa Meetup Group

October is MENSA Membership Month . . .

We celebrate Mensa in October because that is the month in which it was founded in London by a group of Englishmen who wanted to share their intellectual ca-pacity and achievements in a social setting. The name of the group is derived as a triple pun on the Latin word mens, mensa, which is the root word for mind, table and month. Ergo (still clinging to our Latin roots),

Mensa stands for mental acuity shared monthly at a table.

Every October, we offer the Mensa qualifying test for $20,00, half the usual $40 fee. If you have a friend or child or associate whom you think is an unrecognized Mensan who should be, tell them the test date is Saturday, October 17. For time, place and additional information, contact our Testing Coordinator, Mike Yamrick at

(from Molly's LocSec column in our October newsletter)


Students: Apply for the Mensa Foundation scholarship!
Now there's a new scholarship just for Mensa members and families, in addition to the other scholarships open to everybody.


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